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At Tip Top, we get why you wanted a stick shift. Learning to drive a manual transmission is nearly a right of passage, however, not the most convenient way to drive. And that actually depends on what you’re driving around.
A sports cars’ true speed, acceleration, and handling are only accentuated by the stick shift. It can make you feel like you’re really driving your vehicle. A stick shift saves on gas money, and there’s nothing like the thrill of starting on a steep hill to show off your driving chops. However, there is one issue that many stick owners are all too familiar with: that burned clutch smell.

What’s the Problem with Your Clutch?

Before your clutch gets to that burning stage, it probably has shown signs it needs repair. But unfortunately, you may have missed them. Here are some signs of common clutch issues:

Sticking Clutch

When you step off the clutch and it sticks or fails to return to its normal position, chances are there’s a problem in your clutch master or slave cylinder.

Slipping Clutch

The clutch’s primary job is to engage or disengage all the moving parts in the drive train whenever you shift gears. But your car’s clutch wears out over time. When it does, it may slip whenever you step on the gas/accelarator pedal, making it hard for you to accelerate your car after shifting gears.

Squealing Clutch

If you hear squealing, snapping and other unusual noises from your clutch when you step on it, it may need lubricating. Or you may need a clutch replacement in our auto shop in Salt Lake City.

Rough Shifting

Do you find it difficult to shift gears? Stop the guesswork; we’ll find the cause of the problem.

We’ll Fix Your Car’s Clutch

Whether you feel like your clutch is dying a slow death, or you were a little too rough on it and were rewarded with an instant fail, bring your car to our Salt Lake City shop for clutch repairs. The number of well-loved cars with original clutches is rare, so sometimes your clutch will just need to be replaced. It’s a small price to pay to feel like a “real” driver. The simple truth is that how you drive determines just how long your clutch will last.

We don’t pass judgment here – all we care about is replacing your clutch and getting you back on the roads of Salt Lake City. There aren’t any explanations necessary, whether you’re a bona fide street racer, average Joe or Jane who’s just naturally heavy on the clutch, or your teenager is learning how to drive the old fashioned way and just wore it out. Our clutch replacements are fast, affordable and designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Bring Your Car to Our Shop Today

If you feel like your clutch just isn’t behaving like it used to, bring it in now before it’s too late. It might save you some wear and tear on your ride. If it’s already too late, don’t panic. We specialize in whipping your vehicle back into shape.