A Transmission Shop Offers More Than Just Transmission Repairs

A transmission shop is usually run by an auto mechanic who knows about all the intricacies of transmission repair, but that same mechanic knows about all the other systems in your car too.

A vehicle’s transmission is a central part of a car’s operation — it affects and is affected by the function of many other engine components. With this knowledge, the mechanic you choose shouldn’t only be able to fix your actual transmission, but many other vehicle issues too, from the common to the complex.

In your search for a reliable transmission shop, are you looking for a mechanic with the right qualities? Or are you settling for less simply because you didn’t realize you could have more?

You Need a Specialist

There’s no denying that quality transmission repair is a specialty of auto mechanics who have extensive training and experience in this area. That’s why so many mechanics advertise their transmission repair services as their primary skill.

When your vehicle’s transmission is out of order, you don’t want someone who only dabbles in this category to handle the job — you want and need a specialist. But if a specialist is truly a specialist, they’ll be able to offer comprehensive car care as well.

Problems Aren’t Always Easy to Identify

You’re not a mechanic — you only make educated guesses about what’s wrong with your car. When your car won’t accelerate as fast as it did before, you might assume you have a transmission issue. That’s not an off-the-mark diagnosis, but the problem may end up being your fuel injector, not your transmission.

A host of issues could be causing the symptoms you normally would associate with transmission trouble, such as rough shifting, grinding and shaking.

Do you want to have to go to a transmission shop, pick up your car, take it to another mechanic, wait for their official diagnosis, then schedule repairs? If you depend on a transmission mechanic who sticks strictly to his specialty, this could be a reality.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice to take your car to a team that will do a complete inspection of all your vehicle’s systems and fix all issues quickly, regardless of whether those issues include the transmission?

A One-Stop Shop Saves You Time and Money

When you trust an inclusive mechanic like Tip Top Transmissions, all car problems will be addressed. It takes skill to not only troubleshoot, but to provide effective, affordable solutions.

From brake repair to updating a vehicle’s computer and more, find a mechanic who does more. Get complete automotive service at Salt Lake City, Utah’s, top transmission shop, Tip Top Transmissions.