Check-Engine Light Diagnosis in Salt Lake City

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Dashboard lighting up? It’s time for a check-engine light diagnosis visit to Tip Top Transmission. We use the data in your vehicle’s onboard computer to figure out what’s wrong with your car.

Since we’re highly experienced mechanics, we can assess the problem by considering any other signs of trouble you report. When you’re looking for an answer to your questions about car trouble, turn to Tip Top Transmission.

Don’t Panic — We’ve Got You Covered

The last thing you need is a pricey car repair right now. We’ve been there.

Before you panic and start fearing the worst, come to our shop. A blinking dashboard light doesn’t always spell disaster. Sometimes there are simple, low-cost solutions that could resolve the issue without a ripple to your finances.

On the other hand, if the issue is involved and complex, we’re the best shop for you. We will find the most cost-effective way to repair the problem, with a fully itemized quote for you before we begin.

If it’s Not Something Simple, You’ll Need Our Help

It can be tempting to open the hood and start poking around on your own. If you don’t have mechanical training, this probably isn’t the best idea. Making repairs to your engine can go horribly wrong.

One of the most common reasons for the check-engine light to come on is a loose gas cap. Sometimes the dashboard lights up if you forget to screw the cap back on tightly. Another possible cause is burned-out spark plugs. You can definitely screw on your own gas cap, and if you’ve changed spark plugs before, you know it’s a cinch.

But if the problem is something more complex, like a failing oxygen sensor, a bad catalytic converter or an expiring mass airflow sensor, it’s an issue you may need assistance correcting. That’s what we’re here for!

What We Do in Salt Lake City, Utah

You can waste money and time if you try to fix your check-engine light without knowing what’s wrong. We help you save both by delivering an accurate check-engine light diagnosis quickly using our advanced detection methods.

Don’t Wait Until it Gets Worse – Get A Check-Engine Light Diagnosis

Ignoring it may only make the problem worse and put you and your passengers at risk in the process. As a rule, it’s usually best to address vehicle problems as soon as they arise.

Get your check engine light diagnosis today at Tip Top Transmission, and find out exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle — we give you straightforward clear answers so you can stop wondering, and start planning for your car repair.