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Need a torque converter? Tip Top Transmission has a complete Torque Converter Shop in-house for all of your needs. We’re all about minimizing down time, quality control and customer service–so it just made sense to build our own converters right here in our Salt Lake City shop. We also wholesale converters to other transmission rebuilders in and out of state, and you know what that means. Our reputation has preceded us. Considered experts in re-building converters, other shops from around the country depend on us for the best in quality and service. Shouldn’t you get the same? After all, we’re neighbors and Tip Top is committed to keeping everyone in and around Salt Lake City safe on the roads.

We Meet All Your Torque Needs in Salt Lake City

As the go-to auto transmission shop in Salt Lake City, trust us when we say that a good torque converter is essential to all automatic transmission vehicles. For automatic transmission drivers, it’s the component that gets you to the grocery store on Sunday morning, or revs up your race car for its final lap.

No matter what your vehicle is used for, you should have a torque converter that fits your driving needs when you’re on a Salt Lake City road. We can build stock automotive, industrial and performance converters for racing and heavy-duty applications. Gearing up for a session on the salt flats? Are you taking your trucking career to the next level? Simply have a penchant for hitting up the local races in your souped up muscle car? You need the right support team in place, and we’re happy to step up to the plate.

Is it Time for a New Torque Converter?

You won’t find a clutch pedal on cars with automatic transmission. These cars rely on torque converters to keep the engine running while the wheels and gears halt and prepare for a shift.

If you drive a car with automatic transmission and you don’t have an optimum torque converter, you’ll likely run into transmission trouble. Watch out for these signs to know when you need a torque converter repair, replacement or upgrade:

Slipping Gears

When there’s damage in the torque converter, it can cause the car to stall. This could be caused by a bad sprag or damage torque convertor clutch.

Unusual Shaking

If you’re driving on a smooth highway but your car shakes like you’re on a bumpy or grated road, it could be a sign your torque converter lockup clutch needs replacement.


If your car overheats frequently, don’t rule out the possibility that your transmission fluid is low. It can cause excessive heat in the transmission, causing your torque converter to malfunction as well.

It is best to bring your car to our shop once you notice these signs. In Salt Lake City, torque converter experts are easy to tap by simply scheduling a service with Tip Top Transmissions.

Salt Lake City’s Top Torque Services for All Makes and Models

Drop by at our SLC auto shop, and see that recently popular Billet cover torque converters are available for Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks, with many options available for each. Come one, come all drivers. Take advantage of our top-of-the-line products and services. Your vehicle will drive like you never imagined. It may look the same, but it’ll drive and feel like the car you were meant to have. No matter which manufacturer you favor, we don’t play favorites here. We’re equally committed to all trucks and vehicles, and are your resource for all torque converter needs. Unlike some of our out of state customers, you don’t have to travel far to get the best rebuilt converters on the market—talk about neighborly love!