RV Repair Service in Salt Lake City

Repair Services for Recreational Vehicles

Finding a mechanic who can handle RV repair can be challenging. Calls to nearby shops can be discouraging, because many are ill-equipped to handle RV repairs.

But when you call Tip Top Transmission, you will feel confident. Our mechanics are friendly, helpful and know just how to get to the bottom of the problem fast.

You might think Tip Top Transmission only handles transmission work. After all, that’s what our name seems to indicate! But don’t be fooled — we have spent countless hours diagnosing and fixing all kinds of mechanical problems, and we offer full-service RV repair. We’re the team you want when your RV is acting strangely or has broken down. We’re committed to getting you back on the road to the campsite fast.

Your RV Needs Regular Attention, Just Like Your Car

RVs are built for years of use — they’re sturdy and durable. But their engines need regular tuneups. Without them, you may find yourself faced with problems that are worse than a coolant leak or a worn timing belt.

Keep Your Interiors Safe and Dry

Another aspect of RV repair that’s important is how your RV looks on the inside, in your living quarters. Water damage won’t just harm your electrical system — it can cause mold to spread quickly in your bunk area. It can also create weak areas that could be the sites of future leaks.

When you trust us for RV repair, we identify and solve these challenges, getting your RV back into tip-top shape, so you’re ready to hit the trail once again.

Always Call Us When the Check Engine Light Is On for RV Repair

You need RV repair if your check engine light is on. This light can signal many different problems, so it’s critical to pinpoint the correct issue. Call us also if you notice problems such as uneven tire wear, frame damage, or even just a funny noise.

Whether You’re Winterizing or Getting Ready to Sell in Salt Lake City, Utah

Tip Top Transmission offers RV repair when you’re breaking down camp for the winter, getting ready for the new RV season or maybe even preparing to sell and upgrade to a newer model. From regular tuneups to in-depth engine diagnosis, trust our team to provide RV repair through every season, for every model. Contact us today to explain your issue and set up an appointment.