Hybrid Electric Car Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you’ve only recently crossed over to the greener side or are a long-time hybrid vehicle driver, make our hybrid electric car shop in Utah your partner in keeping your car roadworthy. Tip Top Transmissions’ comprehensive services, coupled with excellent customer care, simplify your life as an owner of theses eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

Hybrid vehicles generally require less oil. Also, the brake pads are exposed to less heat and friction, making them last longer. Our technicians check battery reliability and fuel efficiency to keep your vehicle on the road longer.

Battery Testing and Conditioning

We check your battery’s charge acceptance, internal resistance, self-discharge and voltage. Our technicians also check for corrosion and internal shorts that affect your battery.

High Voltage Battery Testing and Conditioning

When neglected, a high-voltage battery may affect your vehicle’s ability to start, accelerate or turn its headlights on. We prevent battery deterioration through thorough testing and conditioning.

High Voltage Cable Inspection and Repair

Over time, your hybrid car may lose power or efficiency. To help prevent this, we inspect all cables for wear, cuts and breakage.

Brake System Repair and Maintenance

Besides the usual brake functions, hybrid braking systems can regenerate power and recharge batteries. We use quality benders, brake cylinder hones, disk brake tools, drum brake tools, flaring tools, lubricants, service pullers, testers and measuring tools, and vacuum test and bleed kits.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid should not come into contact with your hybrid car’s motor. Thus, you need to treat fluid leaks seriously. Our technicians identify the causes of strange noises, leaking fluids, flickering engine lights and slow start-ups that may be related to the transmission fluid.

Heating and Cooling System Repair

Our heating and cooling system repair and maintenance team addresses bad thermostats, contaminated coolants and leaks immediately so you can stay comfortable in your hybrid car, regardless of the season.

Professionalism and Experience Servicing Your Hybrid Vehicle

You aren’t simply bringing your hybrid car in to our Salt Lake City-based hybrid vehicle shop for us to fix. You are trusting us with the vehicle you need to get to work, pick the kids up from school and go on weekend getaways. For this reason, we’ve learned everything about hybrid vehicles and how to address potential concerns in your car.

For safe, reliable and affordable hybrid vehicle services, get in touch with one of our helpful technicians today.