Vehicle Aftermarket Upgrades in Salt Lake City

Upgrade and Improve Any Type of Vehicle

Vehicle aftermarket upgrades don’t have to be impossibly expensive — not at Tip Top Transmission.

When you have a car customization project you can’t do in your own driveway, rely on our team of experts to get the job done. We install affordable, durable, aftermarket parts that integrate flawlessly with your vehicle. Don’t go anywhere else — Tip Top Transmission has you covered, handling vehicle aftermarket upgrades with ease.

Improve Your Salt Lake City, Utah Driving Experience

You love your car just the way it is … mostly. But you would change some minor features, given the chance. Thankfully, with vehicle aftermarket upgrades, you can. You don’t have to get the latest model — just make changes to the car you own.

Why Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are sometimes thought of as “less than” the quality of original engine manufacturer parts, but this is anything but true. With aftermarket parts, the manufacturer has had the chance to analyze the weaknesses in the stock part and correct the issues with the new product.

When you outfit your car with high-performance parts that drastically outperform the old, stock model, you’ll be happy you made the change.

Upgrade Your Engine

From upgrading your exhaust system to installing a performance chip, you instantly see more power when you decide on engine-enhancing vehicle aftermarket upgrades.

Boost horsepower and torque under the guidance of a team of licensed mechanics at Tip Top Transmission, and ensure every alteration is up to spec. From improved fuel economy to faster pickup, you’ll fall in love with your car all over again once we complete the project.

Impress Your Friends With Vehicle Aftermarket Upgrades

There’s a beast under the hood of your car, just waiting to be unleashed. Make the modifications that will amaze your friends and make them find it hard to believe they’re riding shotgun in the same car.

Beware: It’s a slippery slope. Soon, you’ll want to upgrade every aspect of your engine, your interior and exterior! Running boards, LED lights, a powerful audio system — the fun never ends! And we’ll help you every step of the way.

Ready to Personalize and Enhance Performance?

Tip Top Transmission helps you do more than just maintain your vehicle — we customize it until it looks, feels and drives just the way you want. Make an appointment with our technicians. We’re committed to using our skills and experience to bring out the best in your vehicle.

Need advice? Looking for a quote before you commit? Trust Tip Top Transmission’s upfront explanations and transparent, affordable prices for all vehicle aftermarket upgrades. Call our shop or stop in today!