High-End Diagnostics

Sometimes, minor wear in components is the only thing causing electronics to malfunction. A lot of the rebuilding process is the same once the diagnosis has been performed. Proper diagnosis can save a lot of time, trouble and cash, but only if the diagnosis is correct from the beginning. Tip Top Transmission is here to assure your transfer case problems are resolved the first time around. We’re a lot mechanic and a little part electrical engineer. Save yourself the headache of unnecessary and costly repairs by allowing trained and experienced eyes deal with more complex engine components. It’s very possible we know your car better than you do. We’ve handled all types of transfer cases before and we’re ready to take on any type of problem you’re facing. When it comes to work on a transfer case, Salt Lake City area drivers know to come to our shop.

Accurate Transfer Case Service

Our first priority is to keep you safe while you and your vehicle are on the road. Then, we’d like to save you money on repairs. Both of these can be accomplished when the right mechanic is giving the right diagnosis. By combining 100 percent correct diagnoses with the kind of unique repairs and electronic system your vehicle needs, we ensure the best possible transfer case repair service. Our skilled mechanics are the fastest and most experienced when it comes to getting you back in you car or truck. Getting your ride fixed shouldn’t be a guessing game. It should come from expertise, experience and the kind of skill set that extends directly from regularly working with electronic transfer cases. Call us today for the best transfer case service Salt Lake City has to offer!