4 Tips to Keep Your Automatic Transmission in Excellent Shape

Automatic transmission repair can make for an expensive trip to the shop, but it’s possible to prevent breakdowns and total failure through regular maintenance.

These four steps help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible so you can avoid costly repairs.

Check and Change Fluid Regularly

You probably check your coolant and your windshield washer fluid, but transmission fluid may be last on your list, if it’s on there at all. The fluid is the only safeguard against the wear and tear that comes from high-temperature friction. Check fluid levels routinely.

You can find the dipstick by checking your owner’s manual. If the fluid looks low or you see a reddish puddle forming under your vehicle, you could have a leak.

Also, make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations about when you should plan on changing your fluid. While some manufacturers say that your car will be fine up to 100,000 miles, if you regularly drive in stop-and-go traffic or tow heavy loads, it’s smart to flush the transmission more frequently.

Establish Good Driving Techniques

How you drive affects the life of your automatic transmission. Try to accelerate gradually rather than pressing your foot down hard on the gas pedal. Do the same when you’re coming to a stop and allow enough time to brake slowly. When you’re shifting from reverse to drive, let your vehicle come to a complete stop in between and you’ll reduce the strain on the gears.

Take Care of Your Cooling System

On some cars, the automatic transmission fluid is cooled by the vehicle’s radiator. It’s pumped into an additional heat exchanger and back. This means you should always take care of your car’s cooling system — cooling system health goes hand in hand with transmission health. If you suspect any coolant leaks, get them repaired completed right away.

Address Problems Immediately

Is your car jerking when you shift? Do you hear any rattling or grinding noises? If you suspect an issue with your transmission, waiting it out won’t work. Acting quickly can save the system, but letting the problems continue may cause the entire transmission to break down. The longer you drive with a faulty transmission, the worse the problem will become.

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