Signs Your Car’s AC Unit Requires Attention

This has been among the hottest Utah summers on record, and air conditioning is important in many settings – including in your car. If your car’s AC setup is having issues, your ability to stay cool and comfortable this summer could be compromised – but with a little basic attention, you can identify these concerns and remedy them quickly and easily.

At Tip Top Transmissions, we’re here to offer the very best auto repair services around Salt Lake City and nearby areas, including car air conditioning repair needs of any variety. As a vehicle owner, your role in maintaining strong AC during the summer involves keeping an eye out for any signs of problems with your unit – here are some of the most common such signs, plus what they’re signaling and when they indicate you should be bringing your car in for attention from our specialists.

signs car’s AC unit attention

Poor Cooling

As you may have assumed already, the first and likely most common sign that your car’s AC unit needs attention is when it fails to cool the interior of the vehicle adequately. If you’re having trouble feeling relief from the heat, then there could be an issue with a variety of different components – such as a lack of refrigerant in the system or a faulty condenser coil that isn’t discharging heat efficiently.

So how costly and time-consuming will a repair be in this situation? It depends largely on the precise source of the problem. If your car simply needs more refrigerant, you may only need to spend a few minutes at Tip Top Transmissions and an affordable fee adding it. If your condenser is the culprit, however, then you may need more significant repairs – but our staff will always give you an estimate before the work begins.

Unusual Odors

The second key sign of air conditioning trouble is the presence of strange odors coming from the vents. This could be anything ranging from a mild musty odor to something with serious chemical undertones – regardless of what it is, if you detect some type of unusual smell when using your car’s AC unit, then it could indicate that mold or other fungi have accumulated in the system and need to be removed.

In these cases, it’s usually best to bring your vehicle in for service right away. Our technicians can use a variety of treatments to rid the AC unit of any fungi or bacteria, and once this is done you should start noticing more pleasant smells emanating from your car – and no worries about potential health risks while using the system.

Strange Sounds

Down similar lines, you may also notice strange sounds coming from your vehicle’s AC unit when in use – these could be anything from a low humming noise to a high-pitched squeal. If you hear any of these, then it may suggest that something inside the system has become misaligned or is otherwise stuck and needs attention as soon as possible.

Once again, our team at Tip Top Transmissions can help – and we guarantee that you’ll be back in your car with a cooler interior and no strange sounds in no time.

Fluid Leaks

What if you begin to notice fluid leaks underneath your car that appear to be coming from the air conditioning system? This could indicate that a line in the unit has become cracked or otherwise damaged, and needs immediate attention – particularly if it’s leaking refrigerant, which can be harmful and cause issues with other components.

Now, this area can be a bit more nuanced for those who do not have auto mechanic training. Why? Because a few different fluids may be coming out of the bottom of a vehicle, and many have nothing to do with the AC system. So, if you’re uncertain about what’s leaking and where it’s coming from, bring your vehicle in to Tip Top Transmissions right away for an inspection – our experienced technicians can help you determine the source of the fluid and the necessary steps to take next.

An AC Checkup Goes a Long Way

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of keeping a close eye on your car’s air conditioning system, don’t worry – there’s an easier way. Just bring your vehicle in for a checkup at Tip Top Transmissions every 6-12 months! That way, our specialists can look over all AC components and ensure everything is running smoothly. A quick inspection may uncover any minor issues before they become major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

With summer in full swing, now is an especially important time to consider a checkup for your vehicle’s air conditioning system – contact Tip Top Transmissions today to get started, whether with this or any of our other transmission and auto repair services for clients around SLC.